Photo of the Day: 167 of 365

I took this photo of Connor yesterday during his senior rep session. He wanted a shot looking off camera with a serious expression. I thought the “keep off” sign would add some additional attitude to this image.

Connor is one of our 2012 reps from Berea High School, and the son of one of our pastors at Grace Church. We’re so glad to have him!

This entry was posted by Ken Cavanaugh.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: 167 of 365

  1. Geeze, my bro looks tough! I wouldn’t want to mess with him! Mr, Cavanaugh, this picture is phenomenal! Well done on all levels! I know it’s a far way to come but i know just who to go to for my senior pics!
    -Alyssa McKnight
    (sister of Connor)

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