Dance Class

My Saturdays are usually very busy so I really look forward to Sundays. We start the day off at church, often going out to lunch afterwards and then coming home to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon. I sometimes doze off on the couch while watching auto racing or a game, but lately my Sunday afternoons have been booked.

“I’m off to dance class.”

I never imagined those words would come from my lips. But they did this past Sunday, and they will again. Not because I have aspirations to be the next Gregory Hines or Fred Astaire (which is quickly proven by my two left feet). So why do I spend my Sunday afternoons at dance class? It’s all about who I’m dancing with.

As I’ve mentioned before, Natalie and I have six kids. Abbi, our oldest, is thirteen and has been taking dance at Charlotte Braun Dance Studio since she was three. It’s been amazing watching her grow from that cute little tutu wearing ballerina into a beautiful and graceful dancer. Every time I watch her in her recitals I’m blown away at how far she has come. Several years ago the studio introduced a father/daughter number into the recital and it has since  become a standing tradition. This will be my and Abbi’s second time participating in the number and I’m really looking forward to it.

Abbi and me in the 2009 dance recital

Last recital we danced to “Beauty and the Beast.” This year we are dancing to Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”, one of my all time favorite songs. Thankfully the choreography keeps the dads’ steps pretty simple while the more intricate moves are left to the girls. There is one point in the number where the dads all stand still (which is actually what we do best) while our daughters dance around us. It’s an amazing moment as my Abigail dances around me with such grace and poise. In those brief seconds I find myself overwhelmed with feelings of pride, nostalgia and love for my little girl. It’s an incredible thing to witness and I have the best seat in the house.

While Sundays are usually set aside for “recharging the batteries” I find myself with just enough left in the reserves… for dance class.

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