What sets us apart?

I went to a fantastic seminar with Jasmine Star this past Tuesday and left challenged to identify those things which differentiate me from others in my field. So I thought about it. Yes I met my wife at the church which is still our home church today, I’m a dad of six kids, I’m an Apple freak, and an LOTR nerd. But what could I do to really set me apart? And then it came to me.

I’m excited to announce that for the 2011 season Cavanaugh Photography will be using Kodak Disc 4000 cameras exclusively for all weddings and portrait sessions! Here’s why:

Less bulk – without all those extra lenses and flashes we’ll be much more agile. We’ll be like photo ninjas, just without the throwing stars and super cool moves.

Film grain – I won’t need any of those fancy shmancy Photoshop actions to ad simulated film grain to our photos. This is as real as it gets. If film grain the size of golf balls is your thing, you’re in for a treat!

I takes “the best pictures” – at least that’s what all the little old ladies told me when I worked in a camera store 20 years ago, and with age comes wisdom. Right?

It’s a Kodak 4000 – 4000 = 2000 x 2. It’s gotta be awesome.

While investigating this my biggest hurdle was finding film. I found a seller in Russia. The film expired in 1996 but my supplier assured me that it’s been kept frozen for it’s entire life, (or at least for the last three months).

Look for photos from our “new” cameras in the coming months. Trust me. You won’t be able to miss them. ;)

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